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By: Nivedita Shori


If only you could hit upon that key to unlock the tremendous potential and talents hidden deep within you! How valuable that key must be, isnít it? Oh, to discover what lies behind this appearance, what you are capable of achieving, what is the reason you are unable to get just that Ďextraí which someone else whisked away!

Just by a fortuitous chance, that key happened to fall in your own pocket! Rejoice, for all the secrets of the coveted life you always wanted to live can be uncovered by you. Hereís how to use that key-

- Be your own master: More often than not, we are happy or sad because somebody said or did something good or bad. Our emotions should not be subservient to othersí will. If I want to be happy, I will! Smile big, smile with confidence. Right now. Always.

- Self-introspection: All of us need time to wonder, contemplate, speculate. Sit back and think what interests you the most. Give a serious thought to what suits you the best and where is it that you lag behind in perfection.

- Focus on strengths: We all have something in our personality that can safely take us through. That 'something' has to be discovered. We are the best judges of the wealth we possess. It is our own duty to foster our positive points in order to keep at pace with what life expects of us.

- Be thyself: Itís imperative that we cease to be blind followers. Mass mentality is conspicuous but not befitting to all. Have your own style of doing things and be confident enough to abide by it. Who knows, the leader of the next mass movement could be you. So, just get out of that aimless crowd.

- Update yourself: Be a regular taker of the changes that arise in the world. Plunge into all that there is. Donít let the fear of experimentation or hesitation towards technology grip you. Dive right ahead into anything that can add value to life ó economic, mental or personal.

- Donít bury the inquisitiveness: A child is immensely curious. Over the years, his quest to know more gets ebbed. Never extenuate your inquisitiveness. If thereís something new, catch up with it. Donít sit there waiting for things to come to you of their own accord.

- Self- acceptance: If you donít love yourself, nobody else can love you. Figure this ó you meet a friend who is continuously cribbing about something, say his car. He keeps considering each one of his carís features abominable, one more than the other. When you depart, will you carry back a good impression of the car? Some is the case when one keeps dwelling on oneís negative features and keeps hating oneself for the same. Others catch your vibes and start hating you too.

So don't let anything hold you back. Go ahead. Put on that winsome smile and unlock the real ďyouĒ.


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