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Mission Unknown
(Poetic Touch)
By: Nivedita Shori


Oh, to tread on unknown ground

Worries galore and perils abound

I remember the shivers

Before taking the first step

Those fritters,

Sinking of the heart – as I slept

“Will it”, “Won’t it”, “What if”, “Shall it”

The confusion which swayed the mind

A fear deep down, an intuition

An emotion of its own kind

All these feelings are still vivid

Not because the memory is good

They’ve just never forsaken me

Neither as a child nor in adulthood

Life still demands

And always will

Choices to be made, stands to be taken

Goals to be reached.

A wavering mind

Has never achieved much heights

Firmness, agility and strength

A courageous face makes life so bright

To stride ahead

Holding down the blues, shredding the fears

Keeping up one’s head

Holding a sword of confidence

The spirit then emanates a conviction

Stands up with forthrightness

And takes its first step into wilderness

Followed by the next and then many more,

The unknown is now known

The new world is now my own!

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