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GOD, SOUL AND NATURE (Three fundamental entities)
(Straight From The Vedas)
By: Prashant Shori


According to Vedic Philosophy there are three fundamental entities. These are God, Soul and Nature. Out of these, the first two are separate indivisible elements but nature can be broken down into three parts called Satva (representing Illuminative and Goodness) Rajas (representing Dynamic and Stimulating) and Tamas (representing Inert and Dark). It is similar to the analogy of the atom been broken down into three parts namely proton, neutron and electron. Scientists are claiming to further break these down into Quarks etc. but Satva, rajas and tamas are the final pieces and therefore indivisible.


God and soul are animate (living entities) and nature (matter) is inanimate (non living). All of these three are eternal. They can neither be created, nor be destroyed. Unfortunately modern science is only working on the third one Ė matter. But the good thing is that the principle which science has discovered is in accordance with Vedas, that is, matter can neither be created nor be destroyed.


Ancient saints did thorough research on God and soul and found that God is the minutest among all of them and is omnipresent. The other two are limited to a specific region or area and nature is the most tangible out of them. The other discovery they did was that being inanimate nature can not work by itself, so it is either been run or governed by soul or God. Scientists also stated that a body will remain in the state of motion or rest until an external force is applied to change its state. But the question arises here is that what is this external force. Is this force animate, where this force does comes from and who is the source of this force.


Out of these three entities if we will keep on focussing and researching on only one (that is 33%) then we wonít be able to derive the maximum possible pleasure of life. By exploring on the 33% we canít get the whole scenario and will mislead and be misled. All the unrest, fights and exploitation in this universe is because of the lack or wrong knowledge about soul and God. The disbelief among each other and the discontentment among the individuals are due to the lack of knowledge about soul (our real self) and about God.


We are lucky that we are human beingís and give the most superior intellect and brain. So we should broaden our approach and stop harbouring those immature notions that if you canít see the object means that it does not exist. There are lots of things which are beyond the scope of these things eyes and microscope.

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