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For Parents
  If you place all objects at their assigned places, you will notice that your children will also place them at that very place. Then you will find a unique peace and order in the home. At the approach of schooltime, there will be no desperate shouts of‘where is that book’,‘where is my pen’,‘where is my school bag’, etc. School uniforms and lunch boxes — all will be handy.Placing .....
Author: Basant Shori

  May joy illuminate the visage!Let smiling be your nature. It is a divine quality. The portraits of great men are generally depicted smiling. One smiling face at home can diminish the sadness of all others. Looking at your merry visage, the whole family will glow with happiness. When you start remaining happy, your mind becomes clear and illuminated and you become capable of tak .....
Author: Basant Shori

  If today you are unhappy with the way things are going, or if you think that you have not been able to achieve what you wanted, then let me tell you the reason behind this. The reason is that you did not decide a target for yourself when the time was ripe. If you happen to stand by a road and ask a passer-by where he is heading for, he will immediately give the name and complet .....
Author: Basant Shori

  Restraint is control over desires. Desires are innumerable but broadly they have been grouped into three categories :Desire for offspringDesire for money Desire for fame.It has been observed that even distinguished people such as great sages who have won over the desires of offspring and money fall prey to the desire for fame in the end. So it needs great care to steer our desi .....
Author: Basant Shori

  Self-introspection is an essential nutrient required for the blossoming of the shoots of life. But this nutrient has to be used regularly,for long and with devotion. This practice requires that just before going to bed you recall all your activities– big or small– of the entire day. Don’t ignore even the one that looks trifle. You have to minutely appraise your behavior. For .....
Author: Basant Shori

  A child makes his first ever relation with his parents. Caring for parents is the basis of a healthy family. It is said in the scriptures, “May the son conform to the father’s resolutions and principles.” It is the duty of a son to take his father’s work ahead and in a better way. He should thus save him from any further burden.Father’s place is immensely important. In a famous .....
Author: Basant Shori

  We never develop companionship with our children even when they are around the age of sixteen— the age that requires friendly attitude.We expect a lot from them and these multiplying expectations prevent us from being real friends to them – the kind of friends they cherish and long for.It is all on account of these expectations that we tend to have a criticizing attitude toward .....
Author: Basant Shori

  It has been observed that parents always have a lot of expectations from their children. For instance, they have clear-cut conceptions about the child’s activities prior to going to school, at school and after returning home. They want the child to unfailingly follow specific patterns of activities at bed-time and in the morning.Why ?— so that they can rise. Rise where ?—in wor .....
Author: Basant Shori

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