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Ready for Life
  The reason why we get this life? To be close to the One who’s forever close to us. Fair enough, isn’t it? And He who gives us life is free to take it away too when He deems it fit. We rejoice when there’s birth and mourn when there’s death. But could it be any other way? We should mourn when we feel something that could never imaginably have happened, has occurred. But is death .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

2. An Affair called Life
  Life is what happens to a soul when it gets a habitat or an abode to live in — the body. The body could be a human one or a non- human one depending on what the soul deserves. Oh well, and who decides what the soul deserves? Worry not, for it is the kindest of the kind, the most just, the friend and savior of one and all, the omnipotent and the omniscient God.   Yes, ou .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  There are just two things that we, the overloaded human creatures know about — one, relax or go to sleep and two, get up and get to work. The former state is controlled by the element of inertness while the latter is governed by the element of dynamism.   There have been defined three essential elements that exist in the entire world in different permutations and combin .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  The other day, I was talking to my brother-in-law who is a student of one of the world’s prestigious institutes of Science and Technology. Conversation digressed to discussion about the different packages that he will be offered after finishing the courses he was undertaking. All of a sudden, an idea came to my mind to understand the word ‘package’ in more detail.   Now, .....
Author: Prashant Shori

5. Making the right moves
    … it takes a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull all together before some of us even get our feet set in the right way. —    Louisa May Alcott   It’s a wonderful life. Truly wonderful. But some will screw up their noses and say, “Life?? Wonderful???”And indeed, it would also seem that we are letting down the experienced poet, O. Henry who sai .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

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