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Straight From The Vedas
  Life – the most precious gift of God to humanity! I remember a time when I received a much-wanted book as a birthday gift and how very grateful I was for it! But how many of us stop to thank our dearest Lord for the wonderful life we have received?   Well, many of us do visit our respective places of worship every once in a week, or month or even once in several months. .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

2. GOD, SOUL AND NATURE (Three fundamental entities)
  According to Vedic Philosophy there are three fundamental entities. These are God, Soul and Nature. Out of these, the first two are separate indivisible elements but nature can be broken down into three parts called Satva (representing Illuminative and Goodness) Rajas (representing Dynamic and Stimulating) and Tamas (representing Inert and Dark). It is similar to the analogy of .....
Author: Prashant Shori

3. The Smile Givers!
  A tree laden with fruits has no choice but to bend down in service!   Our hearts fill with compassion numerous times and at the sight of various things in the world. Abundant examples of selflessness can be found not only from the past but also in the present and will continue to be in the future.   We often hear however, of a selfless heart broken with the pain t .....
Author: Prashant Shori

  A man is considered to be successful if he progresses with the progression of time. I still remember the time when I migrated to North America and took up my first survival job. I used to hear people asking others how long they’d been here for. If someone said they’d been here for three years or over, they were considered to be unsuccessful, given the fact that they were still .....
Author: Prashant Shori

  Have you ever met anybody who does not want success and prosperity in his or her life? It is a goal which every soul wants to achieve. Irrespective of age, race, gender and occupation, it is one of the basic requirements of all of us. We use different approaches and methods to achieve this goal bur most of us remain dissatisfied and discontented at the end, reason being major f .....
Author: Prashant Shori

  Comparison is the basic nature of human beings. We compare our jobs, our houses, furniture, dresses and even makeup with other people. This attitude has become so prevalent that it is governing the life of most of us these days. I have seen people doing two jobs, couples fighting with each other, parents not finding the time to see their children sometimes for almost a week jus .....
Author: Prashant Shori

  In this life, nothing comes for free. We have to make lots of efforts to achieve something in life. Jobs, houses, cars and all other resources come as a result of rigorous endeavours. Now the question arises – did we get this human birth ‘just by chance’ or was it a result of some efforts? Based on logical reasoning, we can deduce the conclusion that it must be the result of so .....
Author: Prashant Shori

8. Contention versus Contentment
  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, goes a famous saying.   Indeed, there is a trend of competition, comparison and contention instead of satisfaction and contentment with what we have. The buzz sentence in the corporate world these days is “Satisfaction ceases progress”. Unfortunately, this quest of growth is the only reason for increasing ins .....
Author: Prashant Shori

  In our everyday life, we come across many situations when we find ourselves at crossroads where we could choose either one or the other.   It is similar to the analogy of two contrasting presents that you receive. A glance at the first bag made out of coarse, plain brown paper with dirty spots on it makes you feel a bit apprehensive about its contents and your eye ins .....
Author: Prashant Shori

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