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Poetic Touch
  Ahh! The Forbidden Fruit! Nothing looks more pleasing. Jewels abound, gold is plenty But in the mind are breezing Thoughts and images Of the forbidden fruit.   No! Close your eyes, it is taboo To leave it alone is astute   But why this hubbub? It is just an object among all others Why the cross, the red mark Separating it from its brothers?   This .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

2. … Said the Book (A poem on 'New Age')
  “Nothing’s more splendid for me, a book, than when a child Through her brown eyes peers at me, Holds me tenderly, Smiles and weeps with me – learns good lessons, Sometimes when I reveal a secret, she just sits, stunned! Hugs me close when she sleeps, My soul into her dream seeps!   ‘I wonder what right I have to influence her so, Who put ‘words in my mouth’ that .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

3. Her Musings of Longing
  The load on her sagging back spoke of her saga And became her; the dew on her brow brought forth More determination and décor   Her sigh held trapped desires And her throbbing breath longed To savor the delicious glory, draped in luxury To drink in the entwined merriment   Her blazing eyes lapped up the tall structures – Lavish promise-land on road – gol .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

4. Mission Unknown
  Oh, to tread on unknown ground Worries galore and perils abound I remember the shivers Before taking the first step Those fritters, Sinking of the heart – as I slept “Will it”, “Won’t it”, “What if”, “Shall it” The confusion which swayed the mind A fear deep down, an intuition An emotion of its own kind All these feelings are still vivid Not because the memory is goo .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

5. From Darkness to light
  When I was just a little child Had a temperament so mild Darkness only meant to me ‘Lights off’ – when nothing I could see    When I grew up and went to school Learnt new things, followed the rule – They said darkness is something more Something dull and dreary and sore   When some stories and novels I read Of children, of relations, of living, o .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

    The world pulled me from all sides When I wanted solitude I feared a lifetime of woe and suffering Wondered if this era would ever conclude I tried to snatch smiles from tears Virtues evoked my gratitude.   Everything seemed bad and scary The vicinity looked cold and strange The wind was dry, the stars were dull Hope was totally out of range The grey c .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

7. ... KEEPS YOU GOIN' !
    Love your father, serve your mother Kiss your sister, hug your brother Do whatever, don’t forget however That it’s Him, just Him that keeps you goin’!                           The glories that nature bestows to the world      .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  Somewhere along the wayWhen life was pulling awayWhen I was busy being freeWhen the world seemed so fullWhen there was nothing to worry me Somewhere along the roadThat went up the way to my abodeWhen I tried to count the colours in the sunWhen gathering flowers in my little basketWas my heavenly idea of fun Somewhere along the pathThat led to the woods so darkWhen I held my m .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  As a little child when, I used to lose my pencilPanic would overcome me, with despair my heart would fill;I wouldn't rest till I found it and in case I did notI couldn't concentrate on a thing, unless I got it or (in the rare case) forgot! I remember that feeling of emergency but I also rememberThat the true emotion of loss, the episode did never usherThings go harmles .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  Accolades to teachers, they’ve never had trouble choosing The sacrificing disposition to light the way for others;A great role they have performed indeed, in producingWorthy intellectuals, outstanding friends, fine mothers; Kindling the unknown glory within the soulFinding ways to make us successful and at peace;This and much more, teachers endeavour to do on the wholePreparin .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

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