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For Parents
1. The Might of Prayer
  Our knowledge about the subject of God is almost nil and whatever little does exist is incorrect. Henceforth, we are unable to save our children from myths and hypocrisy. However, it has been noted that every individual does believe in God in some way or the other. So, wouldn’t it be better to have the correct knowledge about Him so that our kids can also benefit from it? &nbs .....
Author: Basant Shori

2. Just one chance
  A key point to achieve success in life is to recognize the opportunity. During one’s lifetime, everyone is faced with several opportunities to uplift one’s life. But we fail to recognize them and being unable to catch them at the right time, we miss the chance of gaining anything out of those opportunities. However, if we remain careful and attentive, there’s no reason why thos .....
Author: Basant Shori

3. The Limit of Wealth
  Earn something that will go with you, something that will help you in the time of need.Today, money is considered not as a means but as an end. This is the reason we’re crazy about it. We seem to have forgotten that money is for us and not vice versa. We have to become masters of wealth, not slaves. If you earn with a hundred hands, give it away to the needy with a thousand. .....
Author: Basant Shori

4. What Are Our Children Reading
  Today’s education system has turned it focus towards literacy. To reach out to parents and children in creative ways, innovative schools have initiated the trend of literacy nights and reading clubs. Librarians are putting all of their efforts to arrange authors’ visits to their schools to promote the reading habits of their students. To some extent all these efforts are helpin .....
Author: Prashant Shori

5. Teaching is Doing, Not Saying
  When I was a school going kid, a hilarious incident happened, that still resonates in my mind. Our home was often visited by spiritual preachers and learned scholars. I remember that one of them used to give examples about how harmful a refrigerator is for one’s health. Once on his visit, when my father asked him why he was not touching upon the topic this time, he smiled and r .....
Author: Prashant Shori

6. Socially Fit Kids
  Science, Mathematics and History are important for kids to learn, but as parents, one of our primary responsibilities is to focus on children’s social skills as well. No matter what phase of life kids are in, they will always need to interact with the society. Learning self-control, getting along with others, giving appropriate reactions to various social situations, followin .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  A major problem in households these days is the lack of attention being given to children by over-occupied parents. Despite their desire to give their children their best, parents are unable to spend quality time with kids and help them deal with the issues of life. They have compromised with themselves and try to find satisfaction in earning more money to make their children .....
Author: Prashant Shori

  Have you ever given a thought about the way you think?Have a look at the following situations :Your husband is away on his job. He is getting late to return from his place of work. He fails to inform you about his getting late. He is otherwise very punctual. In case he gets delayed, he never forgets to inform you. Today he is late and there is no information. You are worried. V .....
Author: Basant Shori

  We should try to develop our natural potentials. In the heat of high ambition and great expectation, one leaves aside one’s own qualities and starts copying others, wanting to outshine them. Not satisfied with just this, one wishes to let others down. Consequently, one remains in a constant mental tumult. As a consequence thereof, the mind wanders away from the place where one .....
Author: Basant Shori

  The wealth of emperors and kings, treasures and jewels – all seem dull in the presence of the luminosity and richness of the wealth of contentment.No other joy is as precious as that of contentment. The peace and happiness found in the lives of people who are the proud owners of the wealth of contentment is lacking in those who run after money, name, fame and other worldly purs .....
Author: Basant Shori

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