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  A lot of people in the world these days seem to have mutual problems. Some don’t get along with their partners, others with their friends or colleagues, with their bosses or with their employees, with their children or with relations. But in order to live in this world, socialization is a necessity. However isolated our lifestyle is, there is still always a need to interact wit .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  I have always believed that all students can learn. Despite their differences! As educators, we need to enable each child to succeed.   The way a child, or any individual for that matter, learns, depends on their genetic make-up, their upbringing, their past experiences and their physiology. The way my brain operates is probably very different from the way yours does be .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

3. What's for real
  Since it is nature’s law to change, constancy alone is strange!   The world is ever-changing. Full grown trees start out as seeds and then pass through various stages of development before reaching the final state. Not only this, but the final form also changes when the tree grows old and withers away.   Based on such changing characteristics of the world, some pe .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

4. Just the way I am!
  Everyone has a unique style of living. Every person was born unique and therefore what might be an attractive proportion for one might seem worthless to another.   Some people like to earn only to spend. Some like to work hard just because the satisfaction is overwhelming, some don’t give up their stressful because the adrenaline rush means life to them! Some find it ha .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  We always do most of our deeds according to the trend or in accordance with what other people do. Do we ever think- who these other people are, why are they doing that work and are they really happy with what they’re doing?   Take for instance, education. In the present scenario, education has become only a means to earn money. Nobody is interested in gaining knowledge. .....
Author: Prashant Shori

6. Intelligence is Universal
  One of the most important goals of education is to enablestudents to construct the knowledge they receive at school and athome. By construction , we refer to the understanding,communication and application of the acquired knowledge. In order to meet these goals, children should be given a varietyof options to demonstrate their learning in ways that best suit them.Some students .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

  Irrespective of the types of species, whenever the soul comes into the body, one fear always remains attached to the soul – the fear of death, besides some other fears that are inevitable in the mortal frame. To get rid of the fear of death, one has to get rid of birth. It seems surprising but it can be achieved. Of course it is not an easy job. To achieve this one has to pu .....
Author: Prashant Shori

  It's all in your mind. If you want to forget it, you can! If you think you can't, you won't. That is the basis of stress. Very often we think we can't afford to disregard a particular situation or issue. We insist on not changing our mind and on continuing to torture ourselves with the agony of it. Writer and author, Natalie Goldberg quoted the realistic words .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

9. TO EARN OR TO LEARN - That is the question !
  The early years of life are the ones most often thought to be meant for studying and learning. After that it is considered to be time to apply all of that learning for earning! However, I sometimes wonder: Isn't learning in itself a form of earning? The knowledge, experience and wisdom that one gathers through learning is something that has been permanently acquired and tha .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

10. THAT'S YOU !!
  If only you could hit upon that key to unlock the tremendous potential and talents hidden deep within you! How valuable that key must be, isn’t it? Oh, to discover what lies behind this appearance, what you are capable of achieving, what is the reason you are unable to get just that ‘extra’ which someone else whisked away! Just by a fortuitous chance, that key happened to fall .....
Author: Nivedita Shori

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