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About Us

I Want Peace
We all dream to live in a peaceful world – away from pain, suffering, unfulfilled desires, restlessness, anger, hatred and misery. We envision a life where we would feel happy, loved, relaxed and buoyant. There are times however, when we find ourselves in situations that are a far cry from what we want. We try to escape by blaming it all on something or someone. Little do we realize that nothing can bring us peace but ourselves!

If you’re trying to look for ways to restore peace into your own little world, you have hit the right spot. Take your pick from the various categories on this website and feel free to leave comments about what you read. All the best on your journey towards happiness! We’ll be there to help in any manner we can.


Mr. Basant Shori
Basant Shori is a strong believer of simple living and high thinking. His psychological approach to the critical problems of life has helped him make his own and others’ life easier and happier.

His special concern for children arose from the time he was bringing up his own children and exploring the best ways to help them become righteous, morally autonomous, critical thinkers. A retired banking professional, he conducts moral education classes every morning for children in schools in his vicinity.

He has authored two books – Kids’ Character Begins with You (available in Hindi and English) and Ek Mantra, Ek Yantra (available in Hindi) and also runs a monthly brochure publication for parents – A Journey with your Child.

Nivedita Shori
A technology teacher in Canada, a Biophysics postgraduate and a spiritual pursuer, Nivedita Shori is a strong believer in the words of Warren Beatty, "You've achieved success in your field when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play!" She is the author of several professional and inspirational blogs, loves poetry and believes in the true expression of self notwithstanding the manner in which it is expressed. She believes that to be yourself, is to be at peace!

Prashant Shori
An engineer by profession and a spiritual aspirant by aptitude, Prashant Shori was born and brought up in India to where he is strongly attached. He has a strong interest in music and teaching. Life took him to Australia and then to Canada but his goal of reaching the ultimate reality never wavered. Faith, he believes, is what guards you in difficult times – so keep the faith.